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Bread for Every Occasion at Bakers Delight


At Bakers Delight, the bakers arrive early in the morning to bring you fresh bread daily. With a variety of scrumptious choices, we spoke with Grace, a Bakers Delight employee to get her Top 5 bread picks. 

1. Pane Di Casa
This loaf is a tasty all-rounder, making it the perfect partner to soup and is the life of the party when used for garlic bread and bruschetta. 

2.  Hi-Fibre & Lo-GI Block Loaf
This bread provides sustained energy, allowing you to get through a busy day at work or school. It contains high fibre and low saturated fat, so it is healthy alternative if yourself or your children only like white bread. Buy two loaves for $8 and you save $1.60. 

3. The Lo-Fo Loaf
If you have a sensitive tummy and follow a fod-map diet this is ideal for you. An approved fod-map friendly product, it is high in protein and packed with delicious grains and seeds. 

4. Chia & Fruit Loaf
If you love fruit toast, you must add this to your shopping list.  This loaf is a source of Folic Acid and contains iron, magnesium, vitamin E and zinc. It tastes especially mouthwatering when toasted. 

5. Hamburger Rolls
A hamburger roll can make or break your burger eating experience. Luckily, Bakers Delight have created the ultimate hamburger roll with a slight crunch at the top and a soft base. When you purchase five rolls, you get one free.