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Find Fashion: Play Time

Girls, just wanna have fun- oh girls, just wanna have fun…!

 Now that song is stuck in your head, let’s talk about our favourite childrenswear themes this season. 

1. Texture, texture, texture!
Thanks to retailers such as Cotton On Kids, Best & Less, Big W and Kmart little girls can play in a world of glitter, pom poms, metallics and fur! Nothing is ever too much- take note from the animal Cotton On Kids headband pictured below. Have fun with furry handbags splashed with colour and jumpers embellished with pom poms. 

2. Layer Up!
Belmont Forum is full of affordable childrenswear giving you the chance to experiment with style and layering without breaking budget. Get inspired by the above image and pair leggings under a skirt or an open shirt over a tee. The best part? While these garments are cute, they are still practical- this gal can go exploring and have playtime without being uncomfortable or constricted. 

3. Cute Sneakers!
Did you know Transit Clothing stocks kids shoes? Head in-store and discover cool sneakers and slip-ons- you could even get a matching pair yourself. Speaking of matching, this brings us to our last theme…

4. Matching Sets!
Cotton On has a delightful range of clothing with matching styles from Mum, Dad and the kids! They have a wide variety to choose from such as rocker tees, matching leopard coats or denim jackets. Don’t forget to take a family photo- it’s a moment you want to remember!

For more fashion available at Belmont Forum, head to our Instagram and Facebook page.